Things in advertising are changing so quickly that new ideas gets old by the very moment you come up with them. Remaining constantly fresh in these days of endless revolutions could seem almost impossible, but is mandatory to professionals and students all over the world.

In this context, how could a campaing to promote a creativity festival prove, itself, that this is a trully challeging task, but not a impossible one?

the project 

Using an exclusive algorithm, we developed mutant posters that could not be seen more than once.
Unless you wait 55.156.868.340.943.680.584.000.952.240.776.864.864.296.968.000.496.704.112.424.744.392.864.416.792.304.688.736.280.096.304.784.536.952.376.872.624.376 years. We're serious.

guerrilla —

digital posters 


ENG — I already had this idea tomorrow.

ENG— New ideas are only new the first time they're new.

role here —    creative / creative director